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NEW 2019 Privacy Screens

According to www.realtor.com, 2019 will be the year that laser cut screens will become one of five gorgeous design ideas from around the world that you will be dying to steal. With various available patterns and privacy rating options, Design Studio Art Caprice screens are the ideal screen to block unwanted direct sunlight, to hide an unsightly neighbors backyard, create privacy or to frame an outdoor room.

Geometrical patterns have become an extremely popular design choice for laser cut screens. To accommodate this our design team has developed a few dozen intricate geometrical patterns that are new and exclusive.

However, be sure not to miss our 2019 Artistic Edition privacy screens. Never before have we created privacy screen designs that may truly be called art. You are sure to fall in love with them and demand to have them in your backyards and patios. Prepare yourselves for a tide of compliments and questions from your amazed guests.

In addition to this, all of our screens are easy-to-assemble and highly functional. When designing and manufacturing them we kept in mind that customers may choose to mount them to concrete or use them as a freestanding privacy screen. All screens are also made so that they may be connected seamlessly together to form a large barrier using simple bolts. The leg stands will allow all this so that you may save on posts for stability. That is, unless you want to attach our privacy screens to wood posts, if so you are entirely able to do so as well.

Each design comes at a standard width of 114 cm and height of 150cm, 180cm, or 206cm. If you choose to buy all three you may use them individually through your home, or connect them all together to create a unique escalating barrier granting you the privacy you want, but maintaining its lavish appearance. Our large collection of designs, sizes and inter connective possibilities allow you to mix and match however you please to create something innovative and unique.

Made from 1.6 mm laser cut galvanized steel and protected by a strong, scratch resistant powder coat. All hardware included for quick and easy setup.

All products produced and manufactured in Canada using quality American Steel. By purchasing from us you will not only receive unique work that cannot be found anywhere else, but you are also assured of the highest quality, which will serve you for years to come.

NEW 2019 Geometrical Patterns

2019 Artistic Edition Privacy Screens.