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Metal Garden Gates

Garden gates offer several benefits to the homeowner, and key among them are security, privacy, and beauty.

If you know how to turn laser cut into the beauty, you can achieve an ideal proportion of lines and spaces between lines in order to fabricate beautiful things like laser cut Garden Gates. Depending on the purpose of its requirements, a garden gate may be a part of a full fence intended to be a deterrent. It will keep children and dogs in the yard and discourage intruders. In addition, it can be intended solely for decoration purposes and it can be almost entirely designed to enhance the visual appeal of a garden.

Custom sizes available.
Design fabricated/cut from 3/16" steel.
Includes standard hinges.
Can be fabricated with 1 or 2 standard 2 1/8" holes for standard lever and bolt lock.
Customer supplies lever and bolt lock.
Customer decides active gate and gate swing.
Passive gate can be opened as needed. Passive gate includes standard drop pin.
Each gate is custom fabricated per order.

Garden Gates from Design Studio Art Caprice can be an eye catching piece of art at your backyard making a homeowner proud. With our products for your backyard it can easily make your backyard feel like a resort.

Here you will find our fabulous custom-designed laser cut metal garden gates at a great factory-direct price. You cannot find gates like these at your local hardware store!