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Fence Decorations and Metal Art for Gates and Fences

If you’re tired of the plain wood fence in your backyard you might find some inspiration here. Turn your dull, depressing fence into an oasis of joy and eye catching magnificence with metal fence decorations from Design Studio Art Caprice.

Our ideas can help you make your boring wooden fence very attractive for an affordable sum. These screens are made from thin 16 gauge mild steel metal sheets which are in fact easy to install. Just simply attach the fence decor to your gate using a set of screws and enjoy the result!

You can send us your own drawing and we will apply it to the product you need.

For customers who already have metal fences or gates that want to incorporate our work into it, we have the perfect solution too. We manufacture exclusive laser cut decorative metal parts in all shapes and sizes that can be attached to an existing fence or gate as a second layer. As you can see “Before and After"  the effect was profound when we applied our products to a simple gate to create a luxurious, eye-catching gate.

You can choose any image found on our entire website or send us your our sketch and we will manufacture it for you in whatever shape and size you’d like. 

If you like our ideas and would like to order custom designed laser cut metal art you can request a quote with a photo of your gate or fence attached and we will be happy to work closely with you.