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Laser Cut Staircase Railing Panels

Design Studio Art Caprice has recently launched its modern line of decorative metal Railing Panels targeting residential and commercial hospitality projects.

Laser cutting technology transforms an ordinary sheet of metal into an ornamental piece of art. Our panels give meaning to the term “form and function" as they provide customers with decorative beauty while also serving practical purpose. In fact, we found that by manipulating a flat sheet of metal, it can produce an aesthetically superior product for less than the cost of traditional railings, while still allowing the designer to customize patterns.

Durable powder-coated steel or aluminum is used to create stunning railing and balusters for use on your porch, stairs, balcony or loft.

We also manufacture regular laser cut railing panels which you can see starting from design #13 and onward.

Please remember that any design/pattern you may like from the entire selection on our website can be redesigned free of charge interior railing panels as well. For example, suppose you enjoy an aesthetic design found on our Front Porch Panel page, upon request we can incorporate this design into the interior of your home.

We can only manufacture laser cut railing panels or we can fabricate the whole railing system per your request.