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Laser Cut Staircase Decorative Panel Inserts

Here is yet another creative idea from Design Studio Art Caprice which can help you transform your ordinary metal spindles (or wooden) staircases to an eye catching artistry that will introduce a sense of uniqueness in your lovely home.
These pieces of artistically designed, laser-cut, staircase panel inserts are powder coated, so no maintenance is required and they will forever maintain their appeal.
If you have notches from previous projects on your wooden floor, such as from removed metal spindles or wooden posts, panel inserts can help you to mask it – we can fabricate long edges at the top and bottom that will cover them.  Or we can make a small  extensions as shown in the picture SDPI-7. Please let us know what you would prefer.
Installation is easy – each panel has small holes on the edges at the top and bottom so that you may simply screw it under the wooden handrail and to the wood floor at the bottom.
Staircase panel inserts are made from 1/8" (3.2mm) thick metal steel , but we can upgrade to 3/16" (4.7mm) per your request.
We have more designs under the tab Small Decorative Deck Panels" that you may like to use for your interior railings.If you are looking for a large size of laser panel inserts you can check our “Outside Balcony Panels“, “Deck Panels" or even “Staircase Railing Panels" pages for more design ideas. All design work is free of charge for our valued customers.