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Single Stair Railings

Single Stair Railings from Design Studio Art Caprice made from steel, 3/16” (4.76mm) thick.

Design Studio Art Caprice has its own vision of modern metal staircases – they should look nice, be of high quality and, of course, should be affordable for middle class consumers.  Metal staircase railings always increase value of the house, but it makes sense to increase the value of it only if your expenses reasonable.  So, take a look at our nine different designs of metal single Stair Railings developed by Design Studio Art Caprice. They are all nice and beautiful and were developed to fit different interior styles. Do you like classic curves or prefer a simpler modern design? We have it all! Choose what you desire and whatever creates harmony with the rest of the amenities in your home.

The method of installation for Staircase Railings is the same as described at the page of Ornamental Metal Pickets on our website. It’s easy to install even for DIY projects, but single Stair Railings from Design Studio Art Caprice can bring charm and character not only to your staircase. It can bring a modern and stylish look to your home, creating a luxurious atmosphere to the interior and increase value of the house on the market.