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Laser Cut Outside Balcony Panels

Most of the laser cut railing panels on the market will be found to have a cottage style design they include nature, animals such as deer, moose and etc. As a result, most of these railings designs fit only into cottage style homes. You rarely see pictures of laser cut railing panels on internet shows where they are installed on outside balconies of city homes. The reason for this is because such panels have simple, modern, geometric designs and, of course, do not look as beautiful as wrought iron balconies.You are now at the right place, at the right time.  Our team at Design Studio Art Caprice has worked hard and today we can offer you innovative and unique designs of the laser cut railing panels that can fit into any style of modern city homes.

Some images look pretty much like wrought iron balcony designs, but are none the less still flat laser cut railing panels. Some of them even look significantly more sophisticated than wrought iron regardless of the fact that they are flat. It took over one year for our design team to find the perfect balance between the thickness of simple lines and space between them to achieve the astonishing result you can see in our images gallery.

During the process we figured out an interesting fact –  that changing the thickness of lines (or otherwise  – changing the size of the space between lines) even by 1mm completely changes how the whole drawing looks! We were surprised that a single 1mm may turn the beauty of the metal into a parody! Not all companies may be as critical of their work, but we are! We discard dozens of laser cut metal sheets until we find that perfect balance of  lines that creates harmony in our vision. We at Design Studio Art Caprice will not stop creating new and unique designs of railing products. If you would like to be notified about new releases, please sign up for our newsletter.

Outside Balcony Panels are made from steel, 1/8” (3.2mm) thick, but can be upgraded to 3/16 per your request.

We only supply powder-coated railing panels, but we can fabricate whole railing system per you request.

In the production of most of our railing panels we use a hydraulic press brake, a leading-edge piece of technology to form an edge in the perimeter of the panel. For example, we can fabricate the edge at the top of horizontal line of your railing panel. Its makes the metal panel extra durable and gives you the option to fix it to a hand-railing. Please specify special instructions when you request a quote. All resize and redesign work is free.