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Ornamental Metal Pickets

Ornamental Metal Pickets are modern products developed by Design Studio Art Caprice and does not have an analogue on the market.

Everybody knows about metal staircase spindle-pickets that have several popular variations in designs, such as the common European style or twist series iron baluster. These products are familiar to people and this is what they look for as an affordable way to upgrade their “yesterday’s" wooden stairs to a more prestigious metal staircase. We think we can offer something similar, but uniquely creative, beautiful and still affordable to middle-class consumers.

The Design Studio Art Caprice team worked hard to develop 14 different designs that can be incorporated into a variety of homes.  No matter the style you have in your home, you will be able to find Ornamental Metal Pickets’  designs can fit your home’s interior. The list of styles goes on and on:  modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, traditional, Scandinavian, mid-century modern, French country, bohemian, rustic, chabby chic and etc.

Ornamental Metal Pickets from Design Studio Art Caprice are made from steel, 3/16” (4.76mm) thick and easy to install for those who are doing DIY projects.  The upper end of the Ornamental Metal Picket has a 42 degree edge with hole that can be easy tightened directly to the handrail with a screw. The standard angle of edge is 42 degrees, but we can produce at any degree of edge per your request. Please, check the angle of each step on your staircase to insure a perfect fit.

The bottom each Ornamental Metal Picket has a leg of 1.5cm width and 10cm length, which has to be inserted into the hole on the stair and glued. This side of the Ornamental Picket has to be cut to fit the changing length of each step on the staircase.

For installation you need to drill a hole into the stairs. The picture show you how deep the holes should be on your stairs.  Make sure not to drill particularly deep so that you do not drill through the staircase to the other end. You can use a block of wood to make a “jig" on your drill, this way you will achieve the same depth on all of the steps.

Then, set your Ornamental Metal Picket in the hole and stand it up straight so that you can check the appropriate length needed to be cut.  Cut the lower leg of the Ornamental Metal Picket with a jig saw that has a metal-cutting blade.

Each Ornamental Metal Picket comes with a “shoe” – a little chunky flat piece that should be glued to hide holes. Put this “shoe" at the bottom of the leg, then stick Ornamental Metal Picket right into the hole with the glue inside and set it down. Screw it in at the upper end of the handrail.  And you are done! Of course, you can order balusters not only for your stairs, but to create indoor balcony railings as well.

IMPORTANT! When you do a quotation for us, you have to measure the height of your staircase between the top of the railing and the floor, please let us know the exact measurement of each pair Ornamental Metal Pickets and their angle of edge. DO NOT add additional inches to this measurement to accommodate the inserted portions, we will do this ourselves.

With Ornamental Metal Pickets from Design Studio Art Caprice you can make your home unique by creating a unique pattern to complement your space and show your creativity.