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Decorative Laser Cut Deck Panels

If your favorite outdoor space is your deck, we give you a lot of inspiring Deck Railing Designs Ideas to show how you can add a unique style to your home and backyard.

Whether it’s a new deck or an upgrade to an existing one, Deck Panels from Design Studio Art Caprice are sure to add value to your home. Maybe you are doing a DIY project or renovating a home, these beautiful panels are a unique alternative to ordinary spindles and balusters. Your house can be completely transformed and acquire its own individuality with such model detail as laser cut Decorative Deck Panels. Laser cutting turns metal into detailed lacework, and how your railings will look, depends only on your imagination.

Decorative laser cut Deck Panels are made from steel, 1/8” (3.2mm) thick, but can be upgraded to 3/16 per your request for only a 10% increase in price.The Deck Railing Panels, as seen on images 1-3, were designed for a height of 37 inches by 6 feet as per request of our customers. However, the most popular Deck Railing Panels are 6-8 feet log and have a standard height of 30 inches.

We can redesign any Deck Railing Panel you may like to suit any size you’d like to order. All design and resize work is free of charge for our valued customers.

The installation of our Railing Deck Panels can be very simple if you have wooden posts pre-installed. We can fabricate bends that will go over the edge of your posts (we call this a “frame") so that you may simply bolt your Railing Deck Panel to wooden posts. We can fabricate Railing Deck Panels with or without a frame as per your request.

We only supply powder-coated railing panels, but we can fabricate any connection you need for the installation of panels per you request.

Everything we create for our customers should be unique and should satisfy the high standard of work of Design Studio Art Caprice. So, if you are interested in these products, please sign up for our newsletter to be informed as soon as we are release new designs for this project.