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Metal Balusters

Metal balusters from Design Studio Art Caprice are an ideal solution for those who are looking to replace their old, boring, wooden balusters. It can bring a unique and sophisticated look to the overall appearance of your home.

Our metal balusters are made from steel, 3/16" (4.76mm) thick. Every single one of our balusters has a standard width of 5.39 inches to replace old railing balusters by easily sliding into the previous holes made during installment. To cover these holes, we have baluster “shoes” – little chunky flat pieces at the top as well as at the bottom of our balusters (see the picture below).  The bottom “shoes” should be glued to hide old holes left after the previous wooden balusters are removed. Top “shoes” have additional holes to be tightened to the handrails with two little screws. A kit of “shoes” comes together with every baluster and usually matches their color.

In height the balusters are developed to fit the angle of accent of the average single stair, in Ontario this is usually 39” and 36”. However, we will manufacture them in accordance with your measurements and code requirements. Additionally, each baluster has several inches in length to accommodate the portions that will be inserted into the holes on the wood stair and the handrail at the top.

IMPORTANT! When you do a quotation for us, you have to measure the height of your staircase between the top of the railing and the floor, please let us know the exact measurement, DO NOT add additional inches to this measurement to accommodate the inserted portions, we will do this ourselves.

However, if the angle of your staircase has unexpected changes, one of the top legs can be shortened by a metal-cutting blade to fit the angle of your staircase.

Of course, you can order metal balusters not only for your stairs, but to create indoor metal balcony railings as well. In this case, the top legs of balusters will have the same height.

We have many different styles of metal balusters available for our customers. Whether you are looking for traditional, modern or simply unique, we have it all!

Remember, we do custom orders as well!