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Laser Cut Metal Wall Art

If you want to add exotic flavors into your home decor, you may find Laser Cut Wall Art collection from Design Studio Art Caprice of particular interest.
There are many people who love the look of laser cut metal art, making it a very popular product online. It has recently become a trend because of its unique beauty and flexibility to become anything.
We at Art Caprice have made it our goal to create attractive laser cut metal art, which can be integrated into any interior in every setting.This forms an excellent focal point of any room.

Our Laser-Cut Wall Art is made from steel and is powder coated for longevity. You can choose any color from our selection here. Recommended Lighting – Halogen or LED White Track Lighting.

Method of mounting varies and is up to the installer. It can be installed tightly up against a wall or use hidden mounts to create a dramatic drop shadow 3D effect. The third method of installation only applies to rectangular metal art. In this method we use a hydraulic press brake to form the edges of the metal in a way that allows you to simply bolt the screen to the wall.

EXCHANGE POLICY: Should there be any damages during the shipping process rest assured that all items are insured. If any damages were to occur please notify us within 7 days of receipt and return them to us, we will reimburse the buyer for any shipping charges and deliver a new copy of the product. Item(s) must be returned in their original condition and packaging to be eligible for this.

To make a purchase please send us an email containing the design number, preferred color, your name and address. Within the next 24 hours we will send you a secure link where you may complete the online transaction.

Please note we accept orders with custom sizes. If you would like to place such an order, please specify this in your email and included the preferred sizes.If you would prefer pick-up rather than delivery please specify in your email.

Each piece is custom made per your order and can be ready for delivery within 10-14 days after payment. All customized products are final sale.

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“Modern Contemporary" Wall Art Laser Cut


All five panels are 55" in length x 39.5" in height x 2" deep

Price: CA$390 (plus tax).


Size: 41"x 70.5"

Price: CA$690 (plus tax)

WA-02(M)  Silver metal work only.

Size: 36"x35"

Price: CA$290 (plus tax).


Size:35.5" x 36"

Price: CA$330 (plus tax).

“Animal" Wall Art Metal Laser Cut


Size of one piece: 46.5" x 68.5"

Price of one piece: CA$690 (plus tax)


Size: 45.5"x45.5"

Price: CA$490 (plus tax)



Price: CA$600 (plus tax)


Size: 27.5"x43.3"

Price: CA$390 (plus tax)



Price: CA$390 (plus tax)


All three panels are 65.5" in length x 27.5" in height x 2" deep

Price: CA$460 (plus tax).


Size: 35.5"x50"

Price: CAN$660 (plus tax)


Size: 45"x55"

Price: CA$550 (plus tax)

People" Wall Art Metal Laser Cut


All three panels are 66" in length and 35.5" in height x 2" deep.

Price: CA$490 (plus tax).