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Laser Cut Room Partitions

Design Studio Art Caprice designs and manufactures an expansive product line of laser cut architectural metal Interior Partitions with unique patterns that offer an astounding artistic aesthetic to any environment. Engineered to withstand the elements and manufactured in the Canada, these decorative laser cut metal partitions provide a functional and durable design that is guaranteed to last.

Our unique range of metal fabricating and design capabilities allow us to bring your concepts to reality. Typically metal Interior Partitions are in the range from 1/4" material to 1/16" on the thinner side. Along with the helping you create your unique vision, we also have a fantastic range of exclusive designs to choose from. Our designs are not limited certain products, you are free to choose any design from our entire catalogue. We are delighted to be part of your project.

Laser cut metal Room Partitions from Design Studio Art Caprice transform residences and buildings from ordinary to extraordinary!