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Laser Cut Metal Headboards

Aristocratic colored metals is the newest trend of luxury and glamour in 2019. This is expressed by incorporating noble colored metals – silver, gold, brass or copper – with various textures into furniture such as Metal Headboards.

Design Studio Art Caprice has developed a collection of bold yet refined 3D metal headboards. We blend laser cutting technology with artisan craftsmanship for modern Metal Headboards with clean lines and intricate details. No matter the style you have in your home, you will be able to find Metal Headboard designs that fit your home’s interior. You can choose any color from our color selection here. Mixing old and new never goes out of fashion either.  However, the secret to modernizing retro furniture is to style it with 2019 interior design trends, such as mixed metals.

Our Metal Headboards are made from steel and are powder coated for longevity, while hidden mounts create a dramatic drop shadow 3D effect. We create edges on the top and bottom of the headboard. If you would like, you may choose to install hidden LED strips on the inside of these edges. Thereby creating a delightfully romantic atmosphere. We can also fabricate Metal Headboards with legs instead of mounts per your request.

Each piece is custom made per your order and can be ready for delivery within 10-14 days after your approval of the design. Most of our Metal Headboards are rectangular shaped as you can see below at 30" x 60". These images (MH 01 – MH 12) grant you a brief look at what they would look like on a Queen size bed. You may order Metal Headboards in any size – all design work is free for our valued customers. The cost of 1 square foot is between $25 to $55 (plus tax) depending on the color and complexity of the design.