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Authorized Dealer's Program

Design Studio Art Caprice has developed and manufactured unique laser-cut railing products for staircases, lofts, outside balconies, front porches, decks and we are constantly working to develop  new products to the market.

Currently we are looking for companies, who are working in home improvement industry across Canada and USA to join our network of Authorized Dealers to represent our business in your local area.

Once you sign up as our dealer you will get a discount on all of your orders as an Authorized Dealer. You can work the same way we work – accept the payment from the customer, place the order as an Authorized Dealer and receive most of your orders within 6-9 business days.

If you decide to have our products in stock for immediate sales, you can more profitable price for you depending on the size of your order.  In addition to this being the best option for your customers to buy our products immediately from you, they save money on delivery. So, in this scenario you are not only able to earn a greater profit, but can also increase the size of the traffic of motivated customers in comparison with other Authorized Dealers who do not have our products in stock. The quality of products and speed of service you would provide will ensure that you will secure a stable flow of customers and increase  the overall store performance.

Before placing an order for stocking, you should check the standard code of height for railings with your local building department, we will manufacture them in accordance with your province (or state) code requirements.  For example, in Ontario our code requires a height of 42" if the stair rises 24" or more.  Most codes state not less than 34", 36" and not more than 38". However, products like Staircase Railings, Balusters and Ornamental Pickets have been developed in a way that they can be adjusted to the customer’s railing height  if  their staircase have an unexpected change in height.  Each of these products has a 4" bottom leg that can be shortened by a metal-cutting blade during the installation process to fit the customer’s railing.

We are actively promoting our products and are creating awareness to find motivated customers.  We are happy to talk with them, answer any questions, however, in our experience when making the final decision for most of our customers will be made after visiting a showroom to see the products. These customers would find the address of your showroom on our website, giving them the peace of mind that you offer the same quality products we promote at Design Studio Art Caprice. Your customers would contact you directly by visiting your showroom or make purchases online on your online store (if applicable).  We do not charge you extra for advertising and the web traffic we send your way.

There are no additional costs associated with joining our Authorized Dealer Program. If you decide to build your own website we will provide all of our images and photos with proper labelling, with the name of your website on it without any additional fees.

As an Authorized Dealer you and your company will stay independent, operating under your own name while leveraging the Design Studio Art Caprice brand.  A healthy cash flow means a healthy business and you can earn instant cash from your customers when you partner with us.

As Design Studio Art Caprice Authorized Dealer you have the competitive advantages:

  • No franchise or royalty fees.
  • Protected territories in some areas.
  • Exclusive products.
  • Lead generation support
  • Sales & marketing materials.
  • Dealer locator on the RailingArtCaprice web site.
  • Co-op advertising allowances.
  • …and more!

When your business grows, so does ours. So, as you might imagine we’re highly motivated to help you get your business growing as quickly and as efficiently possible. Bring in high-end clients and greater profits by offering Design Studio Art Caprice products, then let us do the work.

The secret to generating a profit in the railing business is to

Differentiate Yourself From the Competition.

If you offer the same railings, in the same way as every other competitor out there, what reason does the buyer have to choose you?

Set your business above the rest by becoming and Authorized Dealer of  Design Studio Art Caprice today!