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About Us

Design Studio Art Caprice is a team of professional Designers, Engineers and Metal Fabricators inspired by the numerous possibilities of laser cutting in the field of interior and exterior custom designed metal works. With an expansive product line plus expert custom manufacturing, we are a proudly Canadian company manufacturing custom designed unmatched laser cut products.

Manufactured by experienced laser cutting experts, no job is too small, no job is too large, and no job is too complex, that is why we have such a broad and exciting range of products.
We are constantly evolving, updating our own knowledge, skills and manufacturing processes to be are flexible and responsive in meeting the needs of our customers.


Home, sweet home... A house is much more than just a wall with a roof, doors and windows, furniture and utensils.

In fact, it is not important whether you live in a three-story mansion on your own property or in a tiny one-room apartment. What is important is the feeling of home, warmth, and coziness that can be created everywhere. For us a home isn't a place, it is a feeling. The feeling of relief, peace and love that is created by the beautiful things around you that you are emotionally attached to. Laser cut screens can be used in a seemingly endless number of applications like railing, gates, fencing, pool and spa surrounds, balustrades, lighting screens, door covering and glass inserts, fire place trims, wall decor etc. Design Studio Art Caprice created dozens of designs of laser cut products for your needs. Notice, some of our patterns are simple, and others are more complex. However, in our vision all of them create harmony, - a harmony of combinations of lines and shapes that can communicate with your soul. You decide what is it you most desire! We believe that if you create something with passion and love, it will bring more balance and happiness to people’s lives.


Kalina Morningstar,

CEO & Founder

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Our Mission.

With our passion we can help transform your old home or to create a new one in that will make you feel pride and warmth. From Heart to Heart with Love to the World - that is our mission.

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Our Vision

Lines and shapes are useful tools to communicate a depth of understanding with minimal visual representation.Our vision is to consistently deliver high quality products that combine colors, shapes, lines, textures, and patterns that can communicate with your home and soul.

Why Choose Design Studio Art Caprice

All design work is free for our valued customers.

The most competitive price in the industry.

The quality of the product is our number one priority.

Unique designs that do not have an analogue on the market.

Proudly made in Canada

Wide range of powder coating colors to choose from.

Rarely does someone get the opportunity to open a successful business without a large investment and without holding an inventory. Do not miss this rare opportunity to take an empty niche on the market, - become an Authorized Dealer!