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This article will be interesting not only to individuals who are looking to buy our products for their home but for potential business partners as well.

If you are willing to buy laser cut decorative railing panels you will probably invest time into doing some research on the pricing of such products on the market. In any case, you are purchasing for personal use or you as a potential business partner, it is always  important to find out what other competitors offer and what they charge. If you call them and ask for a quote, you can use this information as a framework.  This work will allow you to compare prices on the market and evaluate the offer  Design Studio Art Caprice is making you today.

We did this homework and can give you a summary of prices for decorative laser cut railing panels on the North American market. US companies, as well as Canadian companies, who have been on the market for a long time which have proven designs and products offer their customers the following prices:

USA. The average price for a custom designed railing made from 1/8″ steel is between $190US – $230US per linear foot and has a standard height of 30″. This price usually does not include design or size changes. What they do include however is design time, materials, fabrication and powder coating.

CANADA.  The price range in Canadian currency for the same custom designed railing panel made from 1/8″ steel is between $65.00  and $85.00 per sq.ft. depending on the complexity and detail of the graphics. This includes design time, materials, fabrication and powder coating as well. If we take a standard height of a panel to be 30″ tall, and recalculate the price  per linear  foot, we  will receive a range between$ 162.5 and $212.5, which is comparable to US prices.

In addition, customizing existing designs will cost you from $30 to make a small change and upwards of $500 to develop a new design pattern.

We regularly monitor the laser cut railing market and noticed that several new laser cutting companies have appeared on the market within the last 6-12 months and offer lower prices than were described before. These companies are new beginners and usually have very limited, simple and ordinary designs. However, they are a good example to compare to – If you think good designs are expensive, you should look at the cost of poor design.

Popular brands are expensive. Brand items stand out from the rest because of their unique designs, quality and emotional appeal towards their consumers.

If we go for a wrought iron handrail and analyze railing residential pricing, it can cost you from $ 100 up to $900 per linear foot depending on the design.

For example this simple pair of handrails seen in the first picture are wrought iron handrails which would cost you approximately $1000 -1200, plus installation.

Compare this price and design with the second picture from Design Studio Art Caprice. This laser cut Front Porch Panel will cost you approximately the same amount of money. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

If you want to describe our brand from “Design Studio Art Caprice” in several words, they would be “lovely, uniquely designed, and affordable”.  Quality isn’t even discussed because we manufacture only high-quality products.

All resize work and changes in design or developing a new design is free for our valued customers. You cannot find such a great deal on today’s market.

Also our Decorative Deck Panels can be easy installed by yourself between two pre-installed wooden posts. We can form an edge on the perimeter of the laser cut panels upon request and you simply bolt it in with a set of screws.

When we were considering our marketing strategy we decided that we wanted to create unique luxurious products that will also be affordable to people outside of the upper class as well.

Our price range is much lower in comparison to our competitors, and I would like to take this opportunity to explain how we made this possible. Commonly, a large portion of expenses that influences the cost price is manufacturing. If you own a manufacturing facility you have many immediate expenses such as real state, utilities, equipment, labor and the list goes on.We decided to cut down on these expenses to better manage our price to not open our own manufacturing facility in the first place. A big concern of ours is product quality. We decided to work only with highly experienced laser cutting companies who have spent at least a decade perfecting their craft in the industry.  Their experience will guarantee high quality production. In the end – our price is competitive because we don’t have immediate expenses like other laser cutting companies who own their manufacturing facilities and produce the same products as we do for the market.

In addition to all this, I dedicated much of my time during the year developing hundreds of designs and ready-to-cut vectors. This was my investment in the business, but played no role in the prime cost of products. It is my gift to the world to make it better. I love what I am doing and it’s my pleasure to make people happy.

The railings are the first of many projects we are planning to develop in 2018. And we will always try to offer affordable prices for products that can be alternatives to wrought iron.

CEO & Founder

Kalina Morningstar

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