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Design Studio Art Caprice brings innovative unique products to the market that can become problem solvers for those customers who are looking to upgrade their homes with modern metal railings to increase the value of their homes.  We offer an affordable alternative to wrought iron railings, our  laser cutting techniques cut back on the cost of expensive labor work which makes the price much more affordable for customers. Our target market is the middle-class who represent a potential  trend-forming group of consumers.

Real-state has always been a potentially profitable form of investment. Whether you live in your house or plan to sell it – you always will spend part of your financial budget to upgrade your house, make it more comfortable, stylish and modern.  If you are the owner of the house you will always ask yourself “How much can I afford to invest?” and very rarely do you ask “Am I going to invest?”.

The real-state industry has always had a lot of potential to make a solid profit, today thousands of people try to make  money by  buying and selling  houses for the profit.  They are constantly looking for ways to upgrade their houses for a reasonable investment to make a  greater profit when they sell it after renovations. There is no doubt that wrought iron railings for indoor staircases as well as outdoor balconies, front porches and  deck railings can increase the value of a house, but in most cases the expenses are too great to make profit.  Railing products from Design Studio Art Caprice can be that golden middle ground where you can substantially increase the value of your home with high quality unique products for a reasonable investment.

You may ask, what is it about laser cutting railing products that make them so innovative? Such products have already been present on the market for the last decade. If you were to search for “laser cut railings” on Google it would give you dozens of pictures of laser cutting railing panels.  However, notice that most images are extremely similar in design, you do not need to be an expert in the field to see this.

Most of the laser cut railing panels on the market will be found to have a cottage style design they include nature, animals such as deer, moose and etc. As a result, most of these railings designs fit only into cottage style homes. You rarely see pictures of laser cut railing panels on internet shows where they are installed on outdoor balconies of city homes. The reason for this is because such panels have simple, modern, geometric designs and, of course, do not look as beautiful as wrought iron balconies. Our team at Design Studio Art Caprice has worked hard and today we offer innovative and unique designs of laser cut railing panels that can fit into any style of modern city homes.

Some of our images look pretty much like wrought iron balcony designs, but are none the less still flat laser cut railing panels. Some of them even look significantly more sophisticated than wrought iron regardless of the fact that they are flat. It took over one year for our design team to find the perfect balance between the thickness of simple lines and space between them to achieve the astonishing result you can see in our  showroom and at our images gallery at  www.RailingArtCaprice.com.

During the process we figured out an interesting fact –  that changing the thickness of lines (or otherwise  – changing the size of the spaces between lines) even by 1mm completely changes how the whole drawing looks! We were surprised that a single 1mm may turn the beauty of the metal into a parody! Not all companies may be as critical of their work, but we are! We discard dozens of laser cut metal sheets until we find that perfect balance of  lines that creates harmony in our vision

Products like Single Staircase Railings, Ballusters and Ornamental Metal Pickets from Design Studio Art Caprice do not have an analogue on the market whatsoever. It is our “know-how”, our innovations that will always create a unique selling point.  Each successful company has a USP  and this is what potentially makes their customers loyal to them, as this is the original reason as to why they chose to buy from them. A USP can be created through the element of being first on a market, and we know lot of examples of successful companies who used USP’s in their marketing strategy.

Innovation can be the central focus of a business and this can help you  to grow and become a market leader. An idea of the business  is the base of the pyramid when it comes to the business as a whole. The characteristics of a promising business idea include:

  • Innovation
  • Uniqueness
  • Problem solving
  • Profitable

According to multiple industry reports, the laser cutting industry is expected to reach unprecedented levels of growth in 2018, with estimates putting the industry value at about $3.77 billion by the end of the year, and $6.72 billion by 2024. This is nearly 100 percent growth since 2012. Much of that growth is driven by the fact that many industries are investing in laser cutters to replace older technologies.

Design Studio Art Caprice has many great advantages, one of which is our experience with designing and creating alternative to wrought iron balconies. It has taken an entire year of creating, experimenting, discarding, learning and restarting which has given us an edge over competitors who also specialize in laser cutting. Based on our own experience today we know that it is impossible to copy somebody else’s design, the final product will always looks different in one way or another. It is akin to reproducing an original work of art by a famous artist, it will look similar but the end result is still a cheap reproduction, and isn’t nearly worth as much. The innovative unique products from Design Studio Art Caprice are a brand and will always have a demand on the market.

If you are looking for a business opportunity, look no further than Design Studio Art Caprice. Whether you are a designer, an architect, a real-state agent, an installer or simply a home owner who is doing a DIY project – it is always beneficial to cooperate with  our company.  If you are a businessman, you may  be interested in becoming a part of our company. Should you decide to build a showroom we will gladly work with you and redirect our customers to your area to purchase from your store. For more details click here.

Design Studio Art Caprice will not stop creating new and unique designs of new products because it’s our passion. That is what we love to do. We believe that if you are doing something with love, it makes people happy. Happy people can make the world a better place.

From Heard to Heard with Love To the World,

CEO and Founder

Kalina Morningstar.

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