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  • We are developing a global brand by investing our creativity, passion, and a whole lot of hard work.
  • We offer the largest range of custom designed laser cut products made in Toronto, Canada.
  • Each piece is custom made at our facility using the latest laser-cutting technology to order and can be customized to suit your individual needs including bending, welding works, and variety of powder-coat colors.
  • Unique and unlike any other custom modern outdoor or interior laser cut products in the industry.
  • More than six hundred designs can be found in our portfolio for a variety of tastes, desired uses, potential locations and settings. Our designs meet all safety codes and regulations.
  • You can find the image/design you like best by discovering every page of our website. We will apply this image/design to products you need for your home or business.
  • You can send us your own drawing, ALL DESIGN WORK is FREE for our valued customers.

Alternative metal laser cut solutions continue to grow in popularity as architects, builders and homeowners look for creative ways to personalize and differentiate spaces.We serve homeowners, interior designers, builders, architects, retail stores and offer them high quality custom designed metal laser cut products.

Our primary goal is to develop innovative products and unique designs, as well as to offer our customers ready-to-install final products for their homes or commercial spaces.

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Our team at Design Studio Art Caprice has worked hard and today we can offer you innovative and unique designs of the laser cut railing that can fit into any style of modern city homes. During the process we figured out an interesting fact that changing the thickness of lines even by 1mm completely changes how the whole drawing looks! We were surprised that a single 1mm may turn the beauty of the metal into a parody! Not all companies may be as critical of their work, but we are!

We are working to help homeowners increase the value of their home and welcome Architects, Interior Designers, Landscapers and professional Installers to become our Authorized Dealers.

Production Process

We've distilled our PRODUCTION PROCESS into 5 Steps.











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